Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Redhill Food Centre

Oops this was a post that I kinda forgot about - was here to have some hawker food on S's last trip back... no, not the recent one a few weeks ago, but the previous time she was back - in December :S

Ticking things off her "food to eat while I'm back" list, one of the things she was craving was wanton mee so we ordered Wanton Mee $2.50 from Pontian Wanton Noodles #01-38 :

It was not bad... The wantons are deep-fried with a reasonable amount of filling - I hate teeny weeny wantons! The noodles were springy and the sauce was just a tad spicy. I've actually had this again but at a different outlet (it's a franchise so it's found in quite a few locations now) and think it's a pretty decent wanton mee at a very reasonable price.

The other thing we had was Laksa from Ah Huat Laksa #01-68 :

Hmm, this wasn't bad but it also wasn't very memorable...

More posts to come on things that S wanted to eat on her more recent trip back :)

Redhill Food Centre
85 Redhill Lane


Anonymous said...

am I coming back too often or are u not quite up to speed with the postings?? ;-)


Esther said...

I think you're coming back too often :P