Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Shokudo Japanese Pasta & Pizza (Citylink Mall)

Came here for dinner one evening – I’ve tried the Shokudo at Raffles City before and was annoyed by how long the queue was and how bad the crowd control was inside the restaurant. This outlet one was pretty quiet, and food looked different from the main branch so I figured it was worth a try.

I had the Salmon Butter Yaki with Linguine $15.80++ :

The salmon was actually not half bad, and a pretty decent portion of pasta especially since for me :)

Tried a bit of the Hakodate Seafood Pizza $12.80++ :

Hmm, the super thin crust bothers me – something with such thin crust can hardly be called a pizza. But perfect for those with petite appetites!

Saw the Ice Cream Waffle $5.80++ on the menu and just had to have it. But I’m not a fan of green tea ice cream so I asked the manager if I could have it with another flavour of ice cream. Her reply was that the waffle goes best with the green tea ice cream…

Which mean that they didn’t have any other flavours! And it was pretty yucks, to me at least. Still do not like green tea ice cream in anyway… not the taste, not the texture, nothing at all. It’s probably just me, this green tea ice cream could actually be not half bad.

The food here is ok, as long as you keep your expectations low (which I did). Service here was pretty spotty. We had some trouble getting the attention of wait staff when we wanted to order dessert and get the bill, but the service was good, once we got their attention. Well, except for that stupid recommendation to have green tea ice cream…

Shokudo Japanese Pasta & Pizza (Citylink Mall)
1 Raffles Link
#B1-23 Citylink Mall
Tel: 6341 9542


Joe Yap said...

Japanese pasta. So crazy, it just might workd!

Esther said...

It was mildly popular before but it's now all the rage! Japanese pasta places popping up everywhere!