Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Sweet Stone Parad'Ice

We were having dinner at Modestos and wondering what to have for dessert when Victor suggested this place, which happens to be opened by a friend of his. I heard about this place a long time ago but figured with all that hype there would be long queues so wanted to wait for a bit... then kinda forgot about it :P

We ordered the Royal Claypot Fondue Set $14.50 which comes with the chocolate fondue, an assortment of fruits (strawberries, grapes, honeydew, bananas), masrhmellow, waffles and two scoops of home-made ice-cream -

Quite an impressive spread right? There were five of us there and this was just nice... if you've had a full dinner before this. On an empty stomach, I think I could eat this on my own... Ok, maybe not :D

The chocolate was sweet without being excessively so... and being thick, it was very obviously good quality chocolate. The waffles (which was apparently authentic Belgian waffles) has more of a thicker, bready texture than we're used to but still quite yums.

What we could not stop raving about was the gelato... nothing I hate more than strawberry ice cream because of the artificial strawberry flavour, but this strawberry gelato was home-made and had plenty of actual strawberry bits in it so I really liked it. We tried a few more flavours and it was all good...

Good value for a good quality dessert! A new branch recently opened up at the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre so try that one if this location is not so convenient for you.

The Sweet Stone Parad'Ice
505 Beach Road
#01-67/76/94 Golden Mile Food Centre
Tel: 6296 1867

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