Friday, May 02, 2008

Fin Seafood Café

And so my journey of rediscovering fish and chips continues... we were looking for a place to have a quick lunch before watching a movie and settled on this place (coz we knew for sure there would something for Gerry the Pescatarian to eat here :).

We ordered the Calamari to share -

and I had the Fish and Chips Set Lunch which consisted of a soup...

Fish & Chips...

and dessert, which was tiramisu...

The fish and chips here was quite good! Again it makes me wonder why I stopped eating fish and chips. If I remember correctly, the set lunch was pretty cheap too. Service staff is a bit laid back but was prompt so no complaints... Good option for food in a mall where every other food place is pretty non-descript.

Fin Seafood Café
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-226A/B Marina Square
Tel: 6338 2207


Burpette said...

Eh, this was a couple of months ago - you sure you remember how the food tasted? :P

Esther said...

Yes, I took notes :P :P :P