Sunday, March 15, 2009

Karma, Kettle & Rhapsody (Dempsey)

Read about this place in various places and decided to suggest it as a venue for a Girl's Night Out - erm, some time back :P

The venue is a bit inaccessible if you don't drive, but there's a number of popular restaurants in the Dempsey area (including Long Beach) so there's a reasonable amount of taxi traffic. If you drive there, parking is available just a short walk away.

There is a nice little path leading up to the restaurant (which was a bit dimly lit and my pregnant friend gingerly made her way along the path). The interior was very quaint and charming, with the antique furniture adding to the colonial theme of the restaurant. We chose to sit indoors but I think a meal outdoors would be very cosy too.

The pictures are very blur - I blame it on the ambient (read : dim) lighting. Hopefully the writing makes up for it :)

The restaurant's website describes their cuisine as "traditional European and colonial". What does that interesting description mean? A quick look at their menu throws up traditional classics like Oxtail Stew and Cottage Pie, as well as innovative twists like Pan Fried Lavender Chicken.

For starters, we had the Mixed Tandoori Platter $23.90++ to share -

The picture is so bad that you can't even tell what's on the plate! There were prawns, chicken, fish and lamb. The fish was the amazing part of this dish - melts in your mouth and chock full of flavour!

I originally wanted to have the Lavender Chicken which was much talked about in earlier reviews about this place, but it wasn't on the menu when we were there so I ordered the next most talked about dish - Pork Vindaloo $18.00++ :

The menu describes vindaloo as Portguese for wine, vinegar and garlic. It had three chillies on the menu but it wasn't spicy at all! Well, not by my standards at least :D It was ok I guess, but not as good as I expected it would be.

What was surprisingly good was the Devilled Crab $20.90++ :

It's described in the menu as "Grilled Squid stuffed with Black Pepper Crab with a Signature Sour Cream sauce". I was hesitant to try it as squid stuffed with crab just seemed weird but someone else ordered it and I had a bit to try and it actually turned out to be a pretty good combination! Of course, eating crab without having to get down and dirty is always a plus too :D

It's practically impossible for a group of females to get together and not have any chocolate involved, and we are definitely not the exception. We ordered the Royal Belgian Chocolate Truffle Cake $7.90++ to share :

Well, this was just ok. Looks better than it tastes and a bit on the expensive side at $7.90 for a slice and it didn't even have ice cream!

All in all, I quite liked the place. The food was good (as long as you didn't go with high expectations) and items were generally reasonably priced (except the deserts!). It also had the perfect ambience for a quiet Girl's Night Out which as exactly what we were looking for. Hmm, time for another visit?...

Karma, Kettle & Rhapsody (Dempsey)
26B Dempsey Road
Tanglin Village (Dempsey Hill Green)
Tel: 6472 0221

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