Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cedele (Wheelock Place)

Haven't been here for a while so decided to come here for dinner with mum and sisters. The menu has been revamped since my last visit so I was excited to try some of the new items.

I’ve tried the Chilli Crab Linguine from Marmalade Pantry and while it’s not that bad, I’m not particularly impressed and can never figure out why everyone orders it. Cedele has a similar dish at a much lower price – Red Chilli Crab Pasta (crabmeat cooked with red chilli tomato sauce, finished with spiced soft shell crab) S$16.90++ -

Loved it! The chilli crab sauce was not bad but my favourite part was the deep-fried soft shell crab. Ok, admittedly it might be because I haven’t had soft shell crab in quite a long time so this tasted super yums! But the soft shell crab definitely added a interesting touch to what would be an otherwise now pretty common pasta dish.

Sis had the White Mushroom Bacon Pasta (bacon and mushroom in a white cream sauce) S$14.90++ - better known as Carbonara… and I picked at it a bit -

I always like cream sauce pastas but they’re so heavy and near impossible to finish! So it worked out perfectly that I got to pick at my sister’s one :)

Of course I would pick a Pavlova for dessert!

Pretty small one which worked out fine as I was already quite full from my pasta. Not bad… funny how expensive ones (i.e. the one at Marmalade) are not necessarily better than cheap ones :)

Still one of my old favourites when it comes to good and reasonably priced food… and now with the menu, I can try new stuff! Or at least try hard to convince myself to try new stuff – everyone knows I keep eating the same old things :)

Cedele (Wheelock Place)
501 Orchard Road #03-14
Wheelock Place
Tel: 6732 8520

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