Thursday, October 23, 2008


Came here as part of my birthday celebration feasting, erm a few months ago :)

It's located at the up and coming Wessex Estate and it's next to impossible to get to if you don't have a car. The place itself is pretty nice, but not many tables considering it's got quite a bit of space, especially outdoors.

The menu was not all that extensive - I settled on the "Infamous Cicada Burger" $28.90++ :

It was actually not too bad - nice and juicy without being under-done. One of the better Wagyu Beef Burgers I've had... Didn't like the fries much tho - but that's probably a personal preference, I prefer the skinny crispy type.

The vegetarian-in-the-house ordered the only veggie option : the Moussaka -

It was truly horrible. We all agreed that it was the worse possible way to cook eggplant, no idea how they managed to make such a yummy veg so absolutely tasteless. The bechamel sauce didn't help the flavour at all. Yucks yucks yucks.

The meal was quite disappointing so we were hopeful that dessert would go some way in changing our minds. I settled on the Peanut Butter Brownie Crunch Cake -

I had high hopes when the dessert was served - doesn't it look gorgeous?? The high hopes were quite quickly dashed when I started eating it... it wasn't bad, but it was bizarre how a cake that looks like it would be so incredibly sweet, wasn't. Weird... and I read other reviews of this restaurant where there were pictures of this cake, and mine seemed to have an extremely thin layer of peanut butter :s

Service was also quite bad - the waitress who took our orders was so confused that she kept serving the dishes to the wrong person. And some dishes took an inordinately long time to arrive.

Recently tried Pietrasanta and that's a better option if you want to check out the restaurants in this area...

7 Portsdown Road
Tel: 6472 2100


Burpette said...

Boo hoo, this is now my office area :( Nothing affordable to eat during lunch so we take the shuttle bus to Holland V, so sick of that place! Marketplace, Harrys and Starbucks opened up over the past 2 weeks and we're like over the moon :P

Joe Yap said...

D: Wasn't there always a Starbucks ? I seem to remember SB predating CB. Or was that just delifrance?

E: Moussaka = Eggplant lasagne ? That's what it looks like anyway. To be honest, I would hesitate to order anything called a Cicada burger. Just in case... Well.. you know.

Speaking of which, do vegetarians eat insects ? If not, what are insect-eaters called ? To the Googlemobile!

Stefan said...

oh dear. and i was hoping to try this out sometime. and the moussaka would've been my only option, i guess ...